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P.O. Box 411
Sun City, CA 92586

The club is located at the corner of Sun City and Cherry Hills Boulevards on the campus of the Sun City Civic Association in Menifee, CA. Members of other clubs are always welcome to join in the daily draw. We bowl Tuesday through Saturday in the evenings during the hot summer months, in the afternoon at other times. We also bowl Monday and Friday mornings as noted below.

Bowling Times

Menifee is located on Interstate 215 southeast of Los Angeles and north of San Diego as shown by the red dot in the map to the right (click on it for a larger view). A Google map that provides street level views and driving directions is just a click away.

Southwest Divisions U.S. Lawn Bowls Association
The club is a member of the Southwest Division of Bowls USA. Visit the Southwest website to learn about the division and its events. Visit the Bowls USA website or Facebook page to learn about all aspects of bowls in the U.S.

 2015 Final Division 
 Tournament Schedule 

It's here.

Citrus Update

Citrus play began Thursday January 15th
in Sun City and concludes March 26th in Hemet.
Full details are on the Citrus League Link.


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2014 Tournament Winners
  • Check below for recent and upcoming Division-wide events. Links are provided to tournament details as they become available.

  • Women's Division (SWWD) sponsored events are noted by (W) and are detailed here.

  • Men's Division (SWLBA) sponsored events are noted by (M) and are detailed here.

  • Club sponsored events are noted by (C).

  • Gender limitation is color-coded:
    men only mix/match women only
     Recent additions 
  • Feb 22 (W) Riverside
    Mumma Mixed Pairs (Women Skip)
    (M) San Diego
    SoCal Triples
  • Tournament Results

    Looking for our club's tournament details and photos? They can be found in Club News and Champs (by "tour" or "year")

  • The Newport Harbor club maintains a detailed list of division tournament results beginning 2006